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Monbiot cites the Nuffield Foundation reporting that "emotional" problems such as depression and anxiety have been on the increase over the last 25 years. Yet the foundation also looked at "behaviour" problems - and what's on the increase there is explicitly not violent behaviours, but what the report calls "'non-aggressive conduct' - lying, cheating and disobedience".

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So that's simulating the truth, bending the rules and playing the system, not accepting orthodoxy and imposed definitions You'd have thought a professional rebel like Monbiot would recognise a long-term psychological insurrection when he sees one. Maybe this disruptive "conduct" is as much a response to the sclerosis of the institutions that manage childhood and adolescence mostly educational, but not only , as it is an indication of mental ill-health.

Neal Lawson's piece about the theft of his mobile, and his son being mugged for his iPod, also points to " turbo-charged consumerism " and ad culture as a possible cause of youth crime and misbehaviour.

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Of course, it's more than likely that the Lawsons' tech toys were immediately fenced onwards for drugs, or perhaps just survival money. The urban footpad is hardly a 21st century phenomenon.

But it's surely wrong to think that these items would only be covetable in terms of their lifestyle status. Isn't there something about the iPod or the mobile that's intrinsically valuable, at least for the connectedness and aesthetic pleasures that both provide? Put it another way: if "turbo-charged consumerism" were to be wound down, would either of the Lawsons be happy if that implied giving up their beautifully-crafted tools of communication and information?

This is the constant problem with arguments about well-being and "post-materialism": it aspires to a social equilibrium, where needs are perfectly calibrated with wants, and nothing new comes in to disrupt the happy Eden.

Yet what we might have to face, with our coming generation, is that they have grown up in an interactive environment where change and transformation is the norm, not the exception. Never mind regulation of ads - advertising's crisis is already about as baroque as it could be, with Maurice Saatchi recently recommending that companies reduce their brand identity to a single word, as the only way to attract the attention of net-distracted and promiscuous young consumers.

My hunch is that children's unfathomable dissatisfaction with the identities and pathways offered by education and the labour market points to a much deeper crisis about the very nature of social identity itself. For the sake of a neo-Puritanism that veers dangerously close to Luddism, I don't think we could - or should - blithely rip apart the digital matrix of image, conversation and knowledge that children are now growing up in. There are other values, apart from rampant, starry-eyed consumerism, that could motivate a youthful life of always-on connectivity.

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Look at the altruistic and civic ethos which the hacker and social software communities have naturally evolved out of their activities. Craft and skill, if aligned with deeply felt aspiration, would not at all be alien to this Google-eyed generation. If so, then we might be able to hear a new society coming through their voices and actions. Topics Young people Opinion. David Cameron comment. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Relief came when his mother took him to New York to live for a while in the Bronx, but upon returning to London he misbehaved at school, and as he got older entered into the street life of the times playing the pinball machines and jukeboxes, casing the dance halls, stealing kisses and more , joining the gangs that entered into vicious daily fights, and eventually ending up in a remand home for stealing a bike.

Leaving school at 16, he drifted from job to job, mostly in men's shops, one of which led him to him to fall in with some out of work actors who introduced him to theatre. With no qualifications he applied to drama school, auditioned, and was granted a scholarship.

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As he movingly ends this powerfully honest book, I had arrived. I was there. This is what I should be. An Actor.