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Practicing martial arts that involve agile and repetitive movements at high intensity requires a level of fitness that after a while may help to lower your blood pressure and heart rate. A certain amount of mental acuity and perseverance is required in martial arts like Karate or Tang Soo Do to remember and execute a series of moves or even to foil your opponent. Both the competitive element and the repetitive nature of many martial arts serves to refine your ability to focus and sustain mental concentration.

If you are looking to become more centered and flow through life with an increased appreciation for the world around you practicing martial arts can definitely help you. Many martial arts disciplines focus on the importance of being aware and in control of your breathing and provide a significant amount of attention to ridding your mind of unnecessary distractions in order to focus on the task at hand.

This kind of philosophy is translatable to many different spheres of life and is often a major contributing factor to relieving stress.

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About the author Justina Triasovaite. Justina is a certified female personal trainer and also runs justinatraining. Hungry for more stories? Still searching for that perfect trip? He finally got the picture and agreed to leave me alone. Muay Thai moves are not restricted to uses of fists and feet as it also includes elbow and knee strikes that can devastate an adversary when executed.

Also, your hands are open in a Muay Thai fighting stance. This does two things: 1. T his stance, with hands open, gives the appearance, to an untrained attacker that you are scared or trying to back away. That said, many of its practitioners would quickly refute this criticism. One reason is that more so that many other martial arts, it emphasizes kicking — more specifically high kicking. This move can be useful in a physical fight. If the practitioner can train their legs to be stronger and as fast as their arms, the kick can enable them to neutralize the opponent quickly and effectively end the attack.

Of course, this means kick in the groin. This is the easiest kicking technique.

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And with those great variations of practicing method of kicking in Taekwondo, make it even easier to release the attack even under assault. Originally developed as one of the foundations of samurai fighting techniques, JuJutsu is a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent where the practitioner uses no weapon or a short weapon.

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The combination of these two moves makes it a lethal and effective discipline for self-defense. Other than the possible use of a gun, fights today are basically as they were hundreds of years ago. I have been practicing Japanese Jujitsu long before it became popular in the public and it has been effective for me in several street confrontations. Answers forum. Though this martial arts discipline is arguably less popular than many others on this list, Aikido is considered one of the most effective martial arts to use when one is looking to learn self-defense and survival moves.

We were doing a simple version of kote-gaeshi , with myself as the "goon", who would attack the women in the class, so that they get a feel for doing things for real. Well, one of the students had learned it a lot faster than I thought and applied it a lot harder and faster than you usually see in regular Aikido classes where I study, we usually "ease up" at the end, to allow our partner a chance to fall cleanly. She, of course, didn't ease up, because I had never thought to tell her she should. I managed to get about halfway into a break fall when I hit the ground, which just so happened to position the shoulder of the arm being twisted directly under the rest of my body.

My entire weight came down on it, very hard.

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It ended up that I couldn't use that arm effectively for 2 to 3 weeks afterward. I can only assume something similar would occur in real life, if you were to execute the technique at full speed, with the clear intention of ending the fight right there. Had it been for real, I'm pretty sure I would've chosen that moment for a strategic retreat.

If she let me go, that is! Although those who are not too familiar with boxing would argue that boxing is not a martial arts discipline, its practitioners would beg to differ. Unlike many other combat disciplines, it also emphasizes body conditioning through sparring, preparing the body for combat. This enables boxers to be able to react quickly, make fast decisions and choose the right moves to execute during a fight. These are definitely skills that not only come in handy in the ring but also in the streets.

One is about 6'2", the other about 5'9" I am 5'7". I told them to leave me alone and t ried to walk around the big one.

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He pushe d me back. At this point , I back ed up and move d laterally, putting the big one between me and the little one. Now his smaller friend, in a panic, f ell back on the ground.

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He start ed to hit me in the back of the head, which from his position just fe lt like raindrops. I posture d up and lock ed my right arm against his left shoulder before dropping my left forearm directly on his jaw , also leaving him unconscious. Developed in Ryukyu Islands now known as Okinawa , Karate was brought to mainland Japan in the 20th century. This martial arts discipline has since been widely practiced around the globe.

Recently, it was also announced to be included in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics summer games. One night , I grabbed a guy who started a fight by putting my right arm around his neck into a rear naked choke position. It broke his balance by putting my left hand in the small of his back and applied some pressure. By breaking his balance I was able to escort him to the door and get him outside. Just after I let him go I saw someone in the corner of my eye throw a haymaker punch at me so I ducked under it, grabbed the guy, slammed him up against the building and put my forearm in his throat.

Since I had stopped his attack, I let him go. He was no longer a threat. Just as I did, he grabbed me by my upper arms and tried to swing me around and throw me to the ground.

I ended up hitting him with six different rapid hand strikes — in both shoulders, both biceps, and both forearms which got him to let go of me, and I finished with a rear leg front kick to his groin which ended the attack. Michael also adds that should you decide to train in Karate, the most important aspect of your self-defense practice is to get as good as you can at the basics. Train them hard and often.

School of Natural Chinese Martial Arts (NCMA) Introduction

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