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Showcase Canada. BBC Entertainment. BBC Knowledge. BET International. Fox Entertainment. Hallmark Channel. M-Net Family. M-Net Series Reality. M-Net Series Showcase. M-Net Series Zone. Monday 3 June Episode 86 Tanu manages to ruin the surprise wedding when she influences Pragya to walk away from Abhi and the Mehra family.

Tuesday 4 June Episode 87 Pragya finds herself in the middle of a mall seige. This is the moment she realises how much Abhi loves her. Wednesday 5 June Episode 88 Abhi sets the record straight with Tanu about marrying Pragya again, but Pragya might not make it to her big day all because of King. Thursday 6 June Episode 89 Tanu is heartbroken. Abhi explains his relationship with Pragya to Kiara. King commits a crime and Pragya is hurt in the incident.

He has a company which promotes the new young talents. Purab has married Aliya, but their married life is not a happy one. They also have a son named Aaryan. Abhi is friends with Mr. Kohli who has a son named Ranbir, a spoilt rich brat. He also goes to the same college as Rhea. Prachi gets a scholarship to study in Delhi but Pragya is reluctant to send her there because of her past. But she eventually sends Prachi and Shahana to study in Delhi. The college they get admission into happens to be the same place where Pragya and Abhi's other twin daughter, Rhea, is studying.

Prachi and Abhi meet when the former's luggage is stolen. They becomes friends.

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As a result of attempting to rag Prachi, Rhea gets slapped by Prachi and is left humiliated in front of the entire college. At the same time Prachi dislikes Ranbir for his casanova ways. Prachi and Shahana start working part-time in an event management company where their first catering job is in Abhi's house. To plan a revenge, Rhea makes it look like Prachi is a thief and gets her arrested.

Hearing her arrest, Pragya returns to Delhi. However, Abhi believes Prachi is innocent and gets her released. Soon after it is revealed through the CCTV camera that Rhea was responsible for framing Prachi, for which she gets slapped by Abhi for the first time. Rhea starts hating Prachi as she feels that Prachi is stealing Abhi from her.

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She attempts to run over Prachi on the road but accidentally hurts Pragya. Prachi gets Rhea arrested for this but Pragya intervenes and let's Rhea go. Rhea is impressed with Pragya's attitude and slowly starts to idolise her. Rhea attempts to hurt Prachi many times like making it seem that Prachi killed her at camp, planting drugs in her bag to get her arrested again! For some reason Pragya does not understand that Rhea is indeed a spoilt and horrible brat while Prachi tries to justify why Rhea is bad.

During all this time, Abhi and Prachi have become close as well. Abhi and Pragya meets after 20 years but he gets injured soon after. Pragya leaves immediately after saving him and donating her daughter's blood for him. She feels that Abhi will take her daughter from her. Pragya misunderstands who Abhi is as everyone calls him Mr.

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She thinks that Mr. Mehra is Mr. Kohli due to many incidents. Pragya,Prachi and Shahana lives with Saritaben who lovingly calls Pragya as Anuradha her daughter's name. This leads to a lot of confusion since everyone from Abhi's side calls Pragya as Anuradha making Abhi also think that Prachi's mother's name is Anuradha. Rhea initially thinks that something is going on between Ranbir and Prachi but later understands that Ranbir likes her only. Rhea decides that she will accept Ranbir's proposal only if he makes Prachi fall in love with him and break her heart.

Ranbir reluctantly accepts to do so. Meanwhile, Shahana and Aaryan start developing feelings for each other when Aaryan fights for Shahana in front of Rhea's friends during Ranbir's birthday party. It is also shown that Purab is still in love with Disha and they separated because of misunderstandings of cheating created by Alia, where the media also gets involved. In order to save Alia's reputation, Purab marries her. When Alia realises that Purab still only loves Disha, she attempts suicide but is saved by Purab. The doctor recommends to Purab to keep Alia happy as she can do anything with her life, otherwise.

In his rush to get Alia to the hospital, Purab hits Disha's car and injures her.